1000 Years of Popular Music – Richard Thompson | CD/DVD review

(Cooking Vinyl DVD/2CD) 4 stars

Richard Thompson’s `1000 Years of Popular Music’ is an inspired DVD/CD concert set.

Apart from RT’s delicious spoken intros to each song (but on the DVD only) the diversity of this collection intrigues.

Playboy magazine asked musos to select 10 favourite songs of the millennium, but Thompson took them literally and submitted 20, from `Sumer Is Icumen In’ (circa 1260) to Britney Spears’ `Oops! I Did It Again’.


And a highly entertaining journey it is, covering madrigals, musical hall, operetta, folk, blues and Britpop.

The San Francisco recording venue, Bimbo’s 365 Club, was also a regular feature of Foxtel’s `The Chris Isaak Show’.

The US singer was in Melbourne recently spruiking his upcoming tour and `Best Of’ (Reprise), a CD/DVD collection that includes familiar songs and a rare Roy Orbison tribute, `Only The Lonely’.

The DVD compiles music videos, including raunchy alternate versions of `Wicked Game’, but its highlight is the optional, humorous commentary by Isaak between tracks.

- Mike Daly

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