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Morning In The Bowl Of Night – Lisa Miller | CD

(Inertia) 5 stars Lisa Miller’s remarkable CD will doubtless be lost on the musical fast food mob. `Morning In The Bowl Of Night’, with its emotional intensity and adult themes, is light years removed from the world of celebrity pop and instant hits. Like so many superior artistic endeavours, the album’s lyrical subtleties and spare [...]

Never Turn Back – Mavis Staples | CD

(Anti/Shock) 5 stars On this extraordinary album, gospel-soul matriarch Mavis Staples, aided by Ry Cooder, revisits music that inspired the early 1960s US civil rights movement, along with traditional and original songs. Many of the tunes accompanying Dr. Martin Luther King and his fellow marchers through those racist southern states were provided by the Staples [...]

Leave The Light On – Chris Smither | CD

(Mighty Albert/Shock) 4 stars Chris Smither, with that deep, muscular voice and agile guitar style, has been a familiar performer on the folk-blues circuit since the early ’80s. The New Orleans-born Smither actually started performing in the late-‘60s, until alcohol led to a decade-long recording hiatus.

Diamond Days – Eric Bibb | CD

(ABC/WEA) 4 stars Cool and urbane, Eric Bibb is the 21st-century folk-blues troubadour. More salon than saloon singer, Bibb is the son of a New York folk singer/actor and as a kid he mixed with the likes of Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Odetta and jazzman John Lewis (his uncle). His godfather was Paul Robeson and [...]

The Road to Escondido – JJ Cale-Eric Clapton | CD

(Reprise) 4.5 stars ERIC Clapton is the first to admit he owes an artistic debt to J J Cale. Clapton’s first hit single, in his post-Cream solo career, was a 1970 cover of Cale’s `After Midnight’ and his adaptation of the Oklahoman’s rough-hewn, laidback country-blues style helped transform Clapton from blues-rock “god’’ into an FM [...]

Way Down The River – Sugarcane Collins | CD

( 4.5 stars The man from our Far North has immersed himself deeper than ever before in the raw blues of the Mississippi Delta on his third CD. In fact, singer-guitarist Andy “Sugarcane” Collins has achieved such an authentic sound it’s hard to believe all 13 tracks are home-grown Cairns originals.

Modern Times – Bob Dylan | CD review

(Columbia) 4.5 stars Despite its title – or perhaps perversely – `Modern Times’ is rooted in American traditional music, continuing in style and mood where Dylan left off on 1997’s `Time Out of Mind’ and 2001’s `Love and Theft’. Another stripped-back, loosely structured self-production (under his Jack Frost pseudonym) and backed by the “never-ending’’ tour [...]

Little Big Men – Geoff Achison | CD review

 (Jupiter Records) 4 stars Australian singer/guitarist Geoff Achison is off on another tour of the US. Since 1989, Achison has graduated from lead guitar-slinger with Dutch Tilders’ Blues Club to a solo headliner, while his guitar technique has been honed to an elegant, jazzy finish with subtle musical textures.

On an Island – David Gilmour | CD review

(Columbia) 3.5 stars If the  2005 Live 8 concert reunion was a one-off, David Gilmour’s atmospheric third solo CD is as close as we’ll get to a new Pink Floyd recording. That’s not such a bad compromise, since Gilmour and his Fender Stratocaster, with that melodic vibrato and heroic sound, have been at the Floyd’s [...]

Hope and Desire – Susan Tedeschi | CD review

 (Verve/Universal) 4 stars If they held a blindfold test for `Hope and Desire’, you’d swear it was Bonnie Raitt singing. Susan Tedeschi has that same, frayed-edge, gospel-inflected vocal style, a stinging electric guitar attack and covers the blues-roots spectrum.

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