Morning In The Bowl Of Night – Lisa Miller | CD

(Inertia) 5 stars

Lisa Miller’s remarkable CD will doubtless be lost on the musical fast food mob.

`Morning In The Bowl Of Night’, with its emotional intensity and adult themes, is light years removed from the world of celebrity pop and instant hits.

Like so many superior artistic endeavours, the album’s lyrical subtleties and spare arrangements, co-produced with guitar maestro Shane O’Mara, reveal their riches gradually (as I discovered recently, with more time than usual on my hands).

It is an acoustically rewarding experience, underpinning the vocals with refined guitars, piano, throbbing bass and brushed percussion.

Miller’s deceptively gentle vocal style enhances the introspective nature of the songs, which evolved over a long period that included the death of her mother: a “light-bulb moment’’ in anyone’s life.

Reminders of family outings and personal mementos are scattered throughout, yet by album’s end, sorrow and loss have yielded to acceptance.

Pivotal tracks are `Bottle Up My Tears’ (with a stark piano prelude by Steve Hopes) and the superb, spiritual-inspired `Motherless’.

Significantly, this is followed immediately by an upbeat, slow-rocker, `Love Will Carry You’, accentuating the positive with its mantra-like chorus.

A musical masterpiece.

- Mike Daly

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